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Our Motivation: To Make Smiles Happen While Supporting the Growth of Healthy Kids in Goleta.

Our Mission:  To Be Your Party Rental Company in Goleta for Life! 
Our Goal:  To Provide You with Safe, Dependable, Attractive & High-Quality Inflatable Jolly Jumpers and Slide Rentals in Goleta.  



Celebrate your upcoming special occasion with the best...

101 JUMPERS... 

from the inflatable industry in Goleta


101 Jumpers commits to Excellent Customer Service

      We have a full-time Event Coordinator to make sure your special event happens the way you want it. Our phones are open and staffed from 8:00am to 9:00pm 365 days a year. Call us now, you will not be disappointed! 

Clean, Quality Equipment

     All of 101 Jumpers’ Inflatable Jolly Jumpers, Jumps, Bouncers, Bounce Houses, and Water Slides Rentals in Goleta are 100% clean, fully insured, and ready to be delivered to your desired location. But most importantly they are “lead-free” in compliance with California and Federal law.

    We’ve heard many stories about how many of our competitors fail to clean, inspect and/or repair their equipment. At 101 Jumpers, our equipment is cleaned and sanitized before each rental. We put great effort into inspecting our bounce houses and maintaining them properly – so you and your kids can bounce around completely worry-free. 



     With a full-time Events Coordinator and a large staff of friendly local drivers, you can be assured that we will deliver on time. We even keep two backup drivers on call to handle emergencies and/or last-minute calls. 

     Throughout the years, we've become known as “life-savers” for rushing rentals to worried customers in Goleta who are experiencing "no-shows" from our competitors.  You can count on 101 Jumpers in Goleta even for last-minute rental decisions!  


Licensed and Insured

     You wouldn't ride in an airplane with an unlicensed and uninsured pilot.  And you wouldn't buy eyeglasses from someone on a street corner.  When you choose 101 Jumpers Party Rentals you are promoting legitimacy and responsibility in Goleta.  

     For your protection, we are fully licensed and insured in the Goleta area, and we can deliver in parks.


101 Jumpers Delivers Healthy Fun!

     Studies have shown that the average person burns up to 700 calories in a single hour of play in an Inflatable Jolly Jumper. For this reason, we support the growth of healthier kids in the Goleta area. 

     101 Jumpers are perfect for birthday parties, neighborhood BBQ’s, family reunions, weddings, corporate, religious, organization and school events, Our popular line of licensed products and variety of styles will make your special event one to remember. 


We Do Inflatable Party Rentals in Goleta with Safety in Mind!
     Our Trademarked 101 Jumpers rentals are approved for both indoor and outdoor use. They meet ASTM requirements, state and federal lead-free requirements, come standard with a 15 oz. lite n’ strong™  fire retardant vinyl materials that meet or exceed the NFPA701 large scale tests.  Our rentals are made to specific manufacturers’ specifications. 

     Our 101 Jumpers’ Rentals are made from  finest fabrics in order to provide you with the confidence you need to ensure the safety of your children.

101 JUMPERS brings you the best party rentals in Goleta!

     Fill up your entire backyard with a giant dry or water slide rental. Our "Volcano" slides will leave every one of its riders screaming... for more!   It's the perfect slide for a big event, or for the entire family. 

     Or rent something smaller, like our "Lil’ Splash" slide. It’s perfect for any size gatherings, big events or just to cool off in the hot summer.


  101 Jumpers  has a HUGE selection of inflatable Jumpers, 

Bounce Houses, Water Slides, Table, Chair, and Party Rentals in


Party rental requests must be made at least 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure that your Rentals are available.


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